The exhibition The Illusion of Light opened at on April the 13th at Palazzo Grassi, close to our Locanda Fiorita,  explores the physical, aesthetic, symbolic, philosophical and political values of an essential element for everybody’s life: the light.

From the Renaissance onwards the light has become an essential element in art and for the artistic performance too. This exhibition at Palazzo Grassi aims to focus on the visitor experience, lettig him free to interpret and construe the contemporary artworks presented here. Among the artists exhibited: Eija-Lisa Ahtila, Troy Brauntuch, Marcel Broodthaers, David Claerbout, Bruce Conner, Latifa Echakhch, Dan Flavin, Vydya Gastaldon, General Idea, Gilbert & Geroge, Robert Irwin.

We at Locanda Fiorita recommend all our guests to visit The Illusion of Light!