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John Ruskin Exhibition at the Doge’s Palace in Venice

John Ruskin, painter, writer and art critic of the nineteenth century, has undoubtedly been one of the most important proponents of the fame of Venice in the world. His relationship with the lagoon city has turned into a strong liason over the years and Ruskin has made a fundamental contribution to the worldwide acknowledgement of the beauty and the fragility of Venice; especially for this last aspect, the fragility and the decadence of Venice, Ruskin’s message is more relevant today than ever, for a city in constant and continuous search for solutions to save and preserve itself.

To John Ruskin and his literary work ‘The Stones of Venice’ (‘Le Pietre di Venezia’), Palazzo Ducale in St. Mark’s square dedicates its spring exhibition. Until June 10, 2018 in the hall of the Doge’s Apartment, more than 100 works by Ruskin, mainly pen and watercolor paintings, are on display: they testify his almost maniacal desire to represent the architecture of Venice in its uniqueness: beauty and decadence.

Locanda Fiorita recommends to all guests a visit to the exhibition ‘Le Pietre di Venezia’ by John Ruskin at Palazzo Ducale.