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Le Stanze del Vetro. Thomas Stearns at Venini

On the Island of San Giorgio, in front of San Marco, the Giorgio Cini Foundation has an area dedicated to artistic glass within the splendid spaces of the monumental complex.

Everyone knows about Murano and its long tradition of glass workshops, but not many know about the Stanze del Vetro exhibitions which host artists who have created valuable works of glass. Design, innovation, creativity, and art come together in exhibitions organized by the Cini Foundation in honor of glass and the artists who express their creativity through a material that is equally flexible and fragile.

The autumn exhibition of the Stanze del Vetro is dedicated to the American artist Thomas Stearns, known for his pictorial and sculptural work. At a young age, he won a scholarship from the Italian government to come to Italy and study at the Venini glass factory. Between 1960 and 1962, he remained in Murano to learn the art of glass from Venetian masters and created his first works inspired by Abstract Expressionism.

For the first time, these pieces from 1961 and 1962 are now displayed to the general public thanks to a collaboration with Venini and various private collectors, giving visitors an opportunity to discover the artist’s unique pieces, characterized by asymmetrical shapes, evocative Venetian colors, and their original appearance.