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The Biennale 2019 is dedicated to art

Next May 11th is the opening of the 58th International Art Exhibition. It is dedicated to the precarious aspects of present existence, included those related to fake news that create parallel realities. The curator, the New Yorker Ralph Rugoff, has called 79 artists from all over the world to show their work at the Central Pavilion of the Gardens of the Biennale and at the Arsenale, in the exhibition titled “May You Live in Interesting Times”. 91 nations, on the other hand, will take part to the Biennale 2019. Five of them are there for the first time: Algeria, Ghana, Madagascar, Malaysia and Pakistan.

For a few years now the great event has also included other places in Venice with its Side Events. This year there are 21 of them, promoted by organizations and non-lucrative institutions. They will take place in palaces and areas of the center, many of which are usually closed to the public. The Side Events contribute to promoting the art and the culture of the countries that participate to the Biennale.

In the days of the Biennale, Venice becomes the world capital of art, in a unique international atmosphere of culture and creativity. There’s also many temporary exhibitions, which the collections of contemporary art organize during the Biennale. Among them the François Pinault Foundation with its exhibitions at Palazzo Grassi and at Punta della Dogana, the Guggenheim Collection at Palazzo Venier dei Leoni, and the Prada Foundation at Ca’ Corner della Regina.